Dynamic Systems and Number Theory

Professional area: 
4.5. Mathematics
Master of Science
MIM212113 Mathematics
Master's programme: 
Dynamic Systems and Number Theory
Form of education: 
Duration of full-time training (in semesters): 
Professional qualification: 
MSC in Mathematics - Dynamic Systems and Number Theory
Language of Instruction: 
Master's programme director: 
Assoc. Prof. Angel Zhivkov, PhD

Focus, educational goals

The main goal is to provide students with sufficient knowledge for starting scientific work and teaching in several areas of contemporary mathematics: dynamic systems, numerical theory, differential geometry, some sections of theoretical physics, topology, functional analysis.

Training (knowledge and skills)

All courses in the МА programme are optional. For the successful completion of the programme, the students have to take eight courses, submit two papers to seminars and defend their thesis.

The MA programme is finalized with the preparation and defense of a diploma thesis for the Master's Degree in Mathematics. The work on the thesis is assigned and guided by a scientific supervisor chosen for each student individually.

In the process of writing the diploma thesis students acquire skills and abilities to work over serious mathematical problems, as well as to compose relatively long mathematical texts. Reporting and work on the Master defense of the diploma contribute to improving the students' communication skills and prepare them for future lecturing and participation in conferences.

Professional competence

Students who attended elective courses in the Dynamic Systems and Number Theory and have passed the relevant examinations gain knowledge in current and difficult areas of modern Mathematics - Dynamic Systems, Number Theory, Differential Geometry, some sections of Theoretical Physics, Topology, Functional Analysis.

Professional realization

Graduating this Master's programme implies very good preparation for students who intend to devote themselves to scientific or teaching work. They acquire solid training and can apply for PhD degree in the field of science in Bulgaria and abroad. MS Programme training is also useful for students interested in Applied Mathematics, Finance, Banking, etc., because professionals of knowledge and skills in pure Mathematics are sought after by employers in these areas.

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