Elective course "Internship in Informatics" and "Internship in Mathematics"

A list of the companies which have signed a cooperation agreement at the time you can see here.

Internship programmes for FMI students

Information about FMI students

What does the internship look like?

Targeted investment in knowledge and experience which will provide you with better opportunities for career development and realization. 

How do you benefit from an internship?

  • Practical experience in a real working environment;
  • Development of good work habits;
  • Developing skills for successful performance, communication, teamwork, time management, problem solving and more;
  • Gaining real work experience while still studying, which will help you to present yourself better at the next stage of your career development;
  • Competent guidance by a mentor and an academic mentor;
  • Recognition of the internship by the departments and awarding academic credits;

Who can apply for an internship?

Every student who was graduated II course, a bachelor's degree.

How to apply?

  • Keep a watch on the posters for internships on the site of the Career Centre in the section "Internships".
  • Apply for an internship in the positions you want.

Attesting your internship

  1. In order your academic internship to be recognized it is necessary that:
  2. the internship be held in a company which is in partner relations and has a cooperation agreement with the Career Centre;
  3. the internship be at least 240 hours;
  4. a program of the internship be presented at the beginning of the internship;
  5. the following documents:
    • an evaluation of the the mentor;
    • an official notice from the company signed and stamped. The official notice is a written text which attests the period of time of your internship;
    • Report within 5/6 pages which describes in detail what you did during the internship and what your main duties and responsibilities were. This report applies only to BACHELORS!

be presented completed, signed and stamped at the Career Centre.

Information about companies

Want to offer internships for students from the faculty? What is it necessary?

  1. Connect with the FMI Career Center to represent the company in front of the faculty and then organize the presentation of your company and your internship program in a room in the faculty;
  2. A contract for cooperation between Sofia University and your company is signed;
  3. You organize a presentation of your internship program to our students;
  4. Prepare advertisements for internship positions and send them to career@fmi.uni-sofia.bg. Bilingual Bulgarian-English contract  for cooperation you can see here;
  5. Fill in the form and send it via the email of the Career Centre in order to express your views on our students' preparation after the end of the internship;
  6. Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski"