FMI Colloquium, January 12th 2023

On January 12th 2023 at 17:00 in the FMI Conference Hall meeting of the FMI Colloquium will be held.

Prof. Sergiy Borodachov,  Towson University, USA, is going to give a research presentation on topic: Universal extrema of spherical designs and the polarization problem 

We will consider the problem about absolute minima and maxima over the sphere of the total potential of a spherical design of the highest strength with a given restriction on the number of external or internal dot products. We will also discuss known results and our work on the polarization problem. It requires, for a given N, to find an N-point configuration on the sphere with the largest absolute minimum value over the sphere of its total potential (or the one with the smallest absolute maximum value).

Prior to the lecture, colloquium participants are invited at 16:30 in the FMI Conference Hall for an informal discussion over coffee/tea.

You are welcome!