Services for FMI Students

One of the main tasks of the Career Centre is to assist students in career guidance.

Why is the Career Centre necessary for students?

  • Connects students and employers;
  • Through the services the Career Centre offers the student:
    • looks for an internship and/or for a job;
    • is professionally oriented;
    • establishes useful contacts with employers and specialists in various fields;
    • links theoretical knowledge with practical skills;

What can students make the most of the Career Centre?

  • Information on available internships and jobs;
  • Assistance in preparing a CV, a cover letter and other documents required when applying for a specific position;
  • Career guidance;
  • Training and strategies for looking for an internship and a job;
  • Information about particular employers;
  • Preparation for the overall selection process:
    •  how the interview goes;
    •  what the employer expects;
    •  how to behave during an interview;
    •  what to do after the interview;
    •  participation in company presentations and seminars;

How can I use the services of the Career Centre?

Visit the Career Centre and consult the career guidance specialist.