Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory (in English)

The master's program "Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory "  in English is siutable for candidates with a with a university degree (Bachelor of Science or Master of Science) in professional field 4.5 Mathematics, as well as for those who have mastered the basic curriculum of a bachelor's program in mathematics.

Professional area: 
4.5. Mathematics
Master of Science
MIM652123 Mathematics
Master's programme: 
Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory
Form of education: 
Duration of full-time training (in semesters): 
Professional qualification: 
Master of Sciences in Mathematics - Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory
Language of Instruction: 
Master's programme director: 
Prof. Azniv Kasparian, PhD

Focus, educational goals

The aim of the program is to provide a broad range of theoretical knowledge in the field of Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory  and to create practical skills for application and solving problems. On the one hand, the students expand their mathematical awareness, get an idea of the interaction between the different parts of Mathematics. On the other hand, they specialize in a particular chosen area.

Training (knowledge and skills)

The Master's programme prepares specialists of excellent theoretical knowledge in the field of Аlgebra, Geometry and Number Theory. It develops the skills to solve theoretical or applied problems, analyze and absorb new information and its transformation in a form that is convenient for solving tasks. Students master contemporary techniques and get an impression for the range of their applicability. Algorithmic and programmatic implementations of theoretical constructions are considered if possible. The systematization of scientific information and the formulation of new tasks are stimulated. Depending on the chosen subject, the students specialize in modern, developing areas of Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory.

During their studies students may be instructed to conduct seminars at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. In this way they prepare for an assistant job on the chosen specialty.

Professional competence

Upon completion of the Masters program, students have acquired knowledge and skills for correct and rapid orientation in practical and theoretical mathematical tasks. They can apply the knowledge acquired to solve specific practical industrial or informational tasks, as well as to continue with the development of abstract scientific research. The basic training enables students to formulate plausible hypotheses and look for natural opportunities to prove or disprove them. The independent thinking is an important prerequisite for formulating new research tasks.

Professional realization

MS in Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory  can be employed as specialists in the search for mathematical solutions to specific economic or information problems. For the best students, the Master’s program is a starting point for writing a dissertation and obtaining the Doctor’s degree. Part of the students can continue their development as assistant professors at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics.


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