Faculty Council

The Faculty Council approves internal acts of the Faculty; adopts the academic curricula and syllabuses of the specialties and offers them for approval by the Academic Council; adopts training programs on the subjects taught; accepts the specialties and offers assignment of PhD students; determines the conditions for transferring students from and to other specialties and forms of study, for concurrent training in more than one specialty and for individual curriculum training; annually discusses the state of the academic work and adopts measures for its improvement; discusses fundamental issues of scientific and applied science activities at the faculty; accepts attestations of professors, associate professors and assistants and assesses the work of PhD students and offers to the Rector decisions for an employment relationship in cases of two consecutive attestations where the assessment is unsatisfactory; is regularly provided with information about the budget of the faculty and expresses an opinion on its implementation; organizes collaboration with other faculties and scientific organizations.

The Faculty Council consists of 25 to 35 members and includes representatives of the academic staff with labour agreements, students and PhD students. Not less than 3/4 of the members of the Faculty are supposed to attain academic ranks.

The members of the Faculty Council are elected by the General Assembly. The Dean is a member of the Faculty Council by default and is its chairman.

The Faculty Council meets regularly once a month except in July and August. It is summoned by the Dean. The Dean may convene the Faculty Council to an extraordinary meeting: (1) at his/her discretion; (2) at the request of not less than one-quarter of the members of the Council.

Academic staff having attained academic ranks

  1. Assoc. Prof. Parvan Parvanov, PhD 
  2. Prof. Stefan Ivanov, DSc
  3. Prof. Geno Nikolov, Dr. Habil
  4. Prof. Maroussia Bojkova, DsC
  5. Prof. Mihail Krystanov, Dr. Habil
  6. Prof. Milen Petrov, PhD
  7. Prof. Nadejda Ribarska, DSc
  8. Prof. Azniv Kasparian, PhD
  9. Prof. Vladimir Dimitrov, PhD
  10. Prof. Evgeniy Krastev, PhD
  11. Prof. Kalinka Kaloyanova, PhD
  12. Prof. Krassen Stefanov, PhD
  13. Prof. Maria Nisheva, PhD
  14. Prof. Maya Stoyanova, PhD
  15. Prof. Nadia Zlateva, DSc
  16. Assoc. Prof. Aleksandar Dimov, PhD
  17. Assoc. Prof. Assen Bojilov, PhD
  18. Assoc. Prof. Atanas Semerdzhiev, PhD
  19. Assoc. Prof. Eliza Stefanova, PhD
  20. Assoc. Prof. Evgenia Velikova, PhD
  21. Assoc. Prof. Ivan Minchev, DsC
  22. Assist. Prof. Kalin Nikolov, PhD
  23. Assoc. Prof. Petar Armyanov
  24. Assoc. Prof. Radoslava Goranova
  25. Assoc. Prof. Triffon Triffonov, PhD
  26. Assoc. Prof. Vessela Stoimenova, PhD
  27. Assoc. Prof. Vesselin Gushev, PhD

Academic staff not having attained academic ranks

  1. Chief Assist. Emil Kamenov, PhD
  2. Chief Assist. Georgi Georgiev, PhD
  3. Chief Assist. Mira Bivas, PhD
  4. Chief Assist. Tihomir Ivanov, PhD


  1. Anastasiya Stefanova, student
  2. Aleksandar Filisyan, student
  3. Kristian Ivanov, student
  4. Ana Stoyanova, student