General Assembly

The General Assembly is a senior management authority of the faculty. It consists of all professors, associate professors and assistants who work with labor agreements at the University, as well as representatives of students, PhD students and members of the administration.

The General Assembly elects a chairman and a deputy chairman of the General Assembly; elects and releases the Dean of the Faculty; determines the number of the Faculty Council members; elects a Chair, a Vice-Chair and members of the Attestation Committee; elects and dismisses the members of the Faculty Council; adopts and amends the regulations for the structure and activities of the faculty, by a majority of more than half of its members, if necessary; defines the main directions for the activities of the faculty; adopts reports on the activities of the Dean and the Faculty Council; solves fundamental issues of organization of teaching and scientific activities in the faculty; makes decisions on other matters offered of the Dean, the Faculty Council, or the members of the Assembly.

Assoc. Prof. Aleksandar Dimov, PhD

Vice Chairman:
Assoc. Prof. Trifon Trifonov, PhD

Mandate commission
Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov, PhD

Vice Chairman:
Assoc. Prof. Valeriya Simeonova, PhD

Chief Assist. Konstantin  Tabakov, PhD
Chief Assist. Mihail Hamamdziev, PhD
Plamena Ilieva, student

Committee for Proposals of Management Authorities
Assoc. Prof. Silviya Boumova, PhD

Vice Chairman:
Assoc. Prof. Yulian Tsankov, PhD

Chief Assist. Irena Avdjieva, PhD
Rositca Bankova,  Chief Administation Inspector
Elizabet Koleva, student

Еlection Committee
Assoc. Prof. Tsvetan Hristov, PhD

Vice Chairman:
Assoc. Prof. 
Petar Armyanov, PhD

Chief Assist Denitsa Grigorova, PhD
Chief Assist Pancho Beshkov, PhD
Chief Assist Stoyan Apostolov, PhD
Chief Assist Veselin Dzivev, PhD
Antoniya Vaklinova, student

Attestation Commission
Assoc. Prof. Evgenia Velikova, PhD

Vice Chairman:
Assoc. Prof. Radoslava Goranova, PhD

Assoc. Prof. Temenujka Malcheva, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Aleksander Petkov, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Todor Popov, PhD
Chief Asst. Maya Zhelyazkova, PhD
Chief Asst. Sia Tsolova, PhD

Desislava Petrova,  Administrative secretary