Content aspects of the specialized training in Informatics

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1.3. Pedagogy of education in ...
Master of Science
Mathematics and Informatics
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Content aspects of the specialized training in Informatics
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Professional qualification: 
Master in Mathematics and Informatics - Methodology of education for profiled preparation in Informatics
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Master's programme director: 
Assoc. Prof Petar Armyanov, PhD

Focus, educational goals

The master's program "Content aspects of the specialized training in Informatics" is siutable for candidates with a professional quaiification "Teacher in Informatics" or "Teacher in Information Technoiogy". Specialists who have the right to teach specialized ciassess in Informatics or Information Technoiogy, according to the current national regulations, can also take part in it.

The aim of the program is to increase the professional qualification of teachers in specialized preparation (SP) in Informatics in high school. It is aimed at providing the necessary academic knowledge and skills related to the content of the modules for specialized education in Informatics and partly - in Information Technology, as well as to develop the competencies of specialists to teach this content by applying effective teaching methods appropriate for the age of the students.

Training (knowledge and skills)

The duration of the master's program is three semesters. The educaiton in the program is based on a combination of disciplines in different scientific fields, concerning the professional competencies related to the highly specialized training, expected by the teachers in the SP in Informatics. Disciplines related to the specialized training in Information Technology are also partially covered.The knowledge and skills concerning the main areas of Informatics are deepened - Programming, Data Structures, Databases, etc.

Through multiple optional disciplines the program provides an opportunity to learn the basics of key areas of informatics and information technologies: Computer Architectures, Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks, Information Security, Multimedia and Graphic Design, etc. At the same time, competences for solving problem situations, designing training and applying modern educational technologies are also developed.

Professional competence

Masters graduating from the Master's program  „Content aspects of the specialized training in Informatics“ have theoretical knowledge, practical skills and professional competencies that allow them to work effectively in specialized training in Informatics in high school at the secondary level. They also have a competency base for teaching IT in specialized training.

Upon graduation, the masters will have professional competencies (knowledge, skills and responsible attitude) through which to:

  • Design the teaching / learning process in the SP in Informatics in accordance with specific objectives of the educational environment and on the basis of the regulatory framework;
  • Manage cognitive processes with specific teaching methods and tools;
  • Develop educational concepts, modify existing and adapt general principles to a specific educational environment.

Professional realization

Masters graduating from the master's program „Content aspects of the specialized training in Informatics“ are able to provide training in subjects for specialized preparation in Informatics in the second high school stage, to develop additional modules for elective training in Informatics for the first and second high school stages, to apply specific forms of teaching and assessment. Graduates in the master's program can also work as school principals, informatics experts in research institutes or universities, researchers in scientific institutions, as well as authors of textbooks, teaching aids, educational sites, e-courses, etc.

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