About Us

The Department of Software Technologies was established in March, 2007 and is the newest department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. It is the first one in the country to cover the studies of processes and techniques applied in the development of the contemporary software products and systems. The establishment of the department responds to the needs of the Bulgarian IT industry for qualified stuff in the field of software technologies, thus it helps build a strong and competitive economy. The main aim is to provide both an in-depth and broad-based interdisciplinary training. 

The Department is responsible for providing the specialty courses of the Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, while the lecturers also have courses in other Bachelor's and Master's programmes at the FMI. The Department has created and organizes the training of students in several Master’s programmes in Informatics: 

  • Software Technologies, which is the first master program in Bulgaria in this specialty;
  • Information Security in Computer Systems and Networks;
  • Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery;
  • Knowledge and Innovation Technologies.

The Department of Software Technologies supports the scientific research of software systems and services in Bulgaria and seeks to coordinate them by implementing initiatives at European level. It is its priority to become the engine of the transformation of the FMI and the University of Sofia, in general, into a research university. The main scientific fields in which the faculty members work are:

  • Software Engineering;
  • Search of Information and Knowledge;
  • Knowledge Management.