Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

The main goal of the educational activity in the doctoral program is to build highly qualified scientists in the field of probability theory and mathematical statistics, who have the knowledge and skills to solve complex scientific and applied science problems.

The teaching and research activities in the doctoral program contribute to obtaining new results in key areas of fundamental and applied knowledge in the field of probability theory and mathematical statistics, forming a complete cycle of scientific research, consisting of the following components:

  • theoretical research and statistical evaluation of innovative probability models, motivated by their modern applications in finance, actuary, biology, medicine, epidemiology and cancer research in order to obtain fundamental scientific results, forecasting and establishing dependencies in conditions of uncertainty;
  • development of statistical methods oriented towards the processing of large data sets (big data) and analysis of data from various fields of human practice, oriented towards application for building a high-tech society, in particular education and healthcare;
  • development and research of the behavior of effective algorithms and program codes for estimating the parameters of the models, development of the methods of applied statistics and statistical analysis and their connection with machine learning.
Professional area: 
4.5. Mathematics
Educational and Scientific Degree “Doctor”
Programme code: 
MI45M0501D / MI45M0502D / MI45M0503D
Form of education: 
full-time / part-time / self-study